Get Rid of House Damage in Denver or Fort Collins, CO

Get Rid of House Damage in Denver or Fort Collins, CO

Exterior painting makes your home look new again

What storm? When you hire Zick Construction to repaint your home after a bad storm has left it looking worse for wear, the damage will completely disappear. We’ll repaint your siding, gutters and windowsills to make your home looks fresh and new. Our crew offers a three-year labor warranty, and the paint manufacturers we use have their own warranties, too.

Whether your home needs a paint job after a storm, or it’s just been awhile since your siding has seen a fresh coat of paint, you can trust the team at Zick Construction to get the job done. If your siding is too damaged for paint, we’ll replace it for you.

Call 303-656-5586 to reach our Denver, CO office or 970-219-4911 to reach us in Fort Collins, CO for a free estimate on your exterior restoration project.

7 common signs of exterior storm damage

Is your home showing signs of damage from a recent storm? Here are seven of the most common signs of exterior damage we’ve seen on our clients’ homes:

  1. Dings
  2. Dents
  3. Cracks
  4. Splits
  5. Holes
  6. Chips
  7. Discoloration

If you notice any of these on your siding, gutters, windows or roof, contact the pros at Zick Construction to come assess the damage.